CACREP Consultation Team

Supervision Assist offers a comprehensive consulting service, along with the online system, to assist your program in navigating the obstacles of accreditation.

photo of John Rigney

Dr. John R. Rigney, LPCC

Expertise: CACREP and Clinical Mental Health

Meet our CACREP expert

John Rigney is an experienced counselor educator, consultant and clinician. He has served in counselor education since 1988 with appointments as a faculty member, department chair and dean of the graduate school.

He first started working toward CACREP accreditation in 1994, in a counseling department with three (3) faculty from a variety of professional backgrounds and an enrollment of approximately 20 graduate students. Upon his departure, the program had grown to 31 counselor education faculty enrolling over 400 graduate students. The Mental Health Counseling program had grown to twenty-seven (27) CACREP-accredited sites spread over five (5) states.

Our Consultation Services

Meet, Greet, and Assess

From initial contact to creating a plan.

The SA CACREP consultants will initiate a video conference to determine where the institution is in the application process, discuss the pricing and range of services offered, and put a plan in place to follow-up.

Services include: Initial program familiarization and recommendation, consultation and program development services, extensive program review with recommendations, Supervision Assist delivery and maintenance, and program documentation editing.

Program Documentation Review

We'll make sure everything is up to par.

Our Specialty Consultant will perform a thorough review of all the Program's Documentation and other pertinent materials.

The specialty consultant will review: Institutional catalogue, Program Handbook, Clinical Handbook, course descriptions, course syllabi, faculty credentials, program budgets, and much more!

Mock Site Visit

We'll be there for you, we promise.

We'll schedule a visit to campus to conduct a mock site visit, exit interview, and provide initial feedback.

Additionally, the Specialty Consultant will provide sample documents and examples to assist the institution in addressing areas of concern.

On-going Consultation Service

We support you the whole way.

If an ongoing consultation service is requested, we can provide services that range from provision of web-based services only to regular sustained specialty assistance and support throughout the accreditation process.

Meet the Team

Keith Gibson, PH.D. CEO

With over 30 years of experience as a psychologist, and as a co-founder at Epic Computer Systems, Keith is experienced at providing unique and invaluable insight in combining business and practice.

Nathan Law Management

Nathan works closely with customers, consultants, and web programmers to assist in product planning, future features, and providing helpful documentation. He is ready to assist with implementing Supervision Assist into your program.

Ryan Gibson Marketing

Ryan's knowledge of online and personal marketing has been essential in growing CE Learning Systems. He is available to work with your program coordinators and marketing team to reach out to students, site supervisors, and faculty.

Max Schwanekamp CTO

As system architect Max's extensive history of development in continuing education products informs all technoglogy decisions to help Supervision Assist grow for future needs.

Rocky Sims Lead Frontend Developer

As primary developer of Supervision Assist's client-side application, Rocky brings to bear his wide application experience to create a solid and efficient experience to for our system users.

Joshua Kielas API Developer

Joshua's long experience working in university systems application development gives him distinct insight into how to best serve organizations using Supervision Assist.

Dennis Linsley Frontend Developer

As developer for the client-side application, Dennis is a craftsman. If you find yourself enjoying a particularly snappy Supervision Assist feature, chances are Dennis is the one who made it.

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