Our Product Features

Our experts believe there is an easy way to make managing your curriculum easy and straightforward.

Unparalleled Student and Supervisor Experience

The clinical supervision process is one of the most important experiences for a student during their graduate career, as well as an integral and satisfying part of supervisors’ jobs. However, the management of the supervision process can be time-consuming and stressful.

Supervision Assist is designed to simplify management, documentation, and communication in the supervision process. Supervision Assist optimizes your supervision experience.

Tracking, Organization, and Documentation

Easy Tracking with Activity Logs

Activity Logs provide a quick and clean interface for students to document internship hours and have them signed online by their site supervisors. Secure cloud-based client management, journal notes, and comments make communication easy and intuitive.

Real-Time Progress Reports

Real-time progress reports ensure progress is met towards graduation and licensure. Progress is tracked in all essential areas and updated in real time as objectives and activities are completed.

Organized Online Journal Notes

Student journal notes on activity logs are stored encrypted yet always accessible by supervisors to provide helpful comments.

Centralized Evaluations and Agreement Forms

Eliminate the need to hand-deliver evaluations and signed agreements. Supervision Assist provides a centralized cloud-based system for collecting and completing evaluations and agreement forms. Notifications and due dates make it easy to track deadlines.

Integrated Task Management

Integrated task management informs supervisors and students of upcoming or immediate responsibilities. Easily share files, complete evaluations, and create or respond to requests from supervisors or classmates.

HIPAA Compliant

All session video, audio, and journal notes are encrypted in storage and in transit. Numerous security best practices are employed to protect clients' ePHI. Compliance doesn't have to be a hindrance to your program!

Easy for Site Supervisors

Supervisors can access their tasks and trainee summaries without logging into the system. Weekly emails are sent to site supervisors that include links to submit evaluations, approve hours, and review student progress.

Interactive Site Directory

Automate Your Site Placement Process

Eliminate inefficiency, repetitive work, and manual filing from the placement process.

Automatically Organize Placement Site Agreements and Applications

Student placement applications are automatically associated with a placement site so coordinators can easily find important signed agreement forms and documentation.

Approved Supervision Sites Accessible by Students

Students may browse a supervision site directory and previous supervisors who have worked with your University. Available supervisors may advertise openings.

Breathe Life into Your Placement Process

As students create placement applications, site information is sent to coordinators for approval and these sites and applications are automatically added to a site directory.

Easily Approve Student Placement Applications

Supervision Assist provides an automated system to approve placement applications. Integrated agreement forms, file uploads, and comments make it easy to address needs and concerns.

Review Supervisor Credentials

Coordinators can easily review a supervisor’s credentials, concentrations, and specialty populations.

Map View

An interactive map makes it easy for students to find a supervision site in the areas they want.

Secure Live Sessions

Meet with Colleagues, Classmates, and Supervisors

Enjoy the flexibility of having Supervision sessions online or meeting with colleagues and classmates with our integrated video sessions.

HIPAA Secure Storage

HIPAA-compliant storage protects you from liability by ensuring files are organized in a safe and secure place.

Program Management

Remove Geography - Expand Your Reach!

Supervision Assist allows you to easily deploy your program across multiple campuses and expand your program’s quality and reach.

Video sessions with students, clients, and site & faculty supervisors allow you to move your work online—expanding the range of available supervision sites.

Ongoing Program Tracking

Student progress and activities are tracked in all essential areas at the program level. Coordinators can easily see the performance of faculty supervisors and individual students as the work toward graduation and licensure.

Centralized Online Evaluation System

Easily collect and complete evaluations using our secure cloud-based system. Formative and summative evaluations document the development of competency-based knowledge and skills.

Communicate Quickly and Efficiently

Centralized and organized communication connects faculty supervisors, site supervisors and students. Assign tasks and deadlines, send evaluations, create email lists, and provide clear and consistent communication.

Learning Objectives For CACREP and Other Accreditations

Supervision Assist provides a library of professionally-developed resources that students and supervisors may use to guide their training at their supervision site. The learning objectives were designed to meet all the requirements for leading accreditation processes in the field. For example, our CACREP program has objectives to meet each CACREP standard.

Time Reports

Time reports may be generated with information on the progress of training objectives and Supervision hours done. An online E-signature system allows verification and approval of student activity hours by Site and Faculty Supervisors.

Consultation Services

Helpful experts on staff can work with your program to achieve or update CACREP accreditation. Check out our consulting services page to see how we can help you!